Anyone who is even casually acquainted with professional football has no doubt witnessed all the ways teams celebrate a touchdown. Sometimes the entire offensive line performs a carefully choreographed routine around the player scoring the touchdown. The more flamboyant receivers or running backs may simply perform a signature jig or dance.

For every offensive celebration, however, there is a depiction of disappointment from the defensive team—often full of blame and finger-pointing, with emotions ranging from frustration to outright anger. Maybe they’re embarrassed, but they’ve sure got lots of excuses for what went wrong: somebody called the wrong play, somebody missed a critical block or tackle, there was an overlooked assignment, or a defensive player was simply physically overmatched by his opponent across the line of scrimmage. Sometimes players hang their heads and walking dejectedly off the field. Sometimes they’re a little more animated and throw equipment or kick water coolers. Some literally point the blame at someone else.

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