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UW senior wide receiver Jack Dunn stepped up for the Badgers after injuries  knocked other receivers out of the lineup. 

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Wisconsin senior Jack Dunn won't necessarily be judged by his number of catches. Chryst is looking for players to buy into team success.

There was a major hole in the wide receiver position when seniors Kendric Pryor and Danny Davis III were injured last season. Enter Jack Dunn, who may not have added much statistically but helped change the narrative of what it means to contribute to the University of Wisconsin football team. 

Dunn served as the Badgers’ main punt returner and had a blocking role in the second unit for most of his career. That was his expected role last season. Dunn instead filled the void created by the absence of Davis and Pryor.

“We were in a tight pinch last season,” wide receivers coach Alvis Whitted said. “He stepped up and showed that he can be the guy and be a leader just by doing what he normally does. He didn’t have to do anything special.”

He entered last season with six receptions a number that grew significantly with the increased playing time. He averaged 9.1 yards on 28 receptions last season.  

Dunn’s role is going to change again with Davis and Pryor healthy again. He likely won’t be a starting wide receiver, but Badgers coach Paul Chryst expects Dunn to accept his new role.

“They also need to know that them doing their part may not lead to a direct stat but it could,” Chryst said. “If we can have that truly be the fabric of this team then I think we have a chance to be the best team we can be.”

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