One more weekend

One more weekend

The Will Dicus Memorial Baseball Tournament returns June 22-23

BOONE — Round one of the Will Dicus Memorial Baseball Tournament went as smoothly as expected, at least according to co-tournament director Bill Dicus.

Two teams, one each in the 10-under and the 12-under divisions, could not make the tournament, which was played June 15-16 during ideal weather conditions of sunshine with no rain. The tournament continues June 22-23 with games being played at the Watauga Parks and Recreation Complex, Watauga High School and the Equip fields at Mount Vernon Baptist Church.

The tournament played on June 15-16 had age divisions of under-15 under-12 and under-10 years old. On June 23-24, those age divisions plus a 8-under division and an 9-under division, will be added. The 8-under games will be played at Equip’s field.

The 9-year old division and some overflow 10-under overflow games will be played on Watauga High School’s softball field.

That gives the tournament 35 teams this weekend.

The funds raised from the two-weekend event will go to several different charities with baseball ties in the area. Dicus and co-tournament director Marty Lambert have raised funds for the completion of the Will Dicus Batting Facility located at Watauga High School and for area families whose kids may be struggling with life-changing illnesses.

“The reason why I started it was I wanted to raise $800 to buy a P.A. system for the small Optimist Field back when we were in Little League and we could have a P.A. when the Little League Tournament came,” Dicus. “We raised $1,153 and I thought I was the smartest person in the world. Since Marty has taken over the tournament in the 10 years subsequent to that, we have raised right around $130,000.”

On the first weekend, Lambert was able to reschedule some games so every team was able to play their guaranteed two games. Some teams agreed to play three games to even the brackets, according to Dicus.

Dicus said those two teams will play June 22-23.

“When you have short notice like that, you have to make some quick decisions,” Dicus said. “Marty Lambert started doing that Marty Lambert tap dance. They’re shooting for this weekend and when I talked to their coach, he said everything is ready to go.”

Four teams, including the High Country Havoc and Equip, will play in the 9-under division. The Watauga All-Stars and Equip will both play in the 10-under division, the Watauga White All-Stars and the Watauga Blue All-Stars will play in the 12-under division and the Watauga All-Stars will play in the 15-under division.

Dicus said as long as the weather is good, the chances for the tournament running smoothly is likely. If the weather isn’t good, there’s not much Dicus can do to change that.

“It looks like we’re getting the heavy stuff (June 18-19) and there is zero chance for rain on Saturday and 40 percent chance Sunday with late-afternoon showers. If the weather is good I can’t hardly mess the tournament up.”

The tournament begins at 8:30 a.m. in all brackets on June 22. On June 23, the 12-under and the 15-under divisions start at 10:30 a.m. and the 9-under, 10-under division begin at 12:30 p.m.

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