BOONE — In front of a crowd of friends, family, teachers and coaches, six Watauga Pioneer senior football players were celebrated for their various commitments to take the next step in their favored sport.

six signings pre-ceremony

Six Watauga Pioneer collegiate football commits, left-to-right: Levi Temple, Cole Horine, William “Trey” Thompson, Isaiah Shirley, Carlton Horine and Will Curtis.

Will Curtis, Carlton Horine, Cole Horine, Trey Thompson, Isaiah Shirley and Levi Temple each signed to play football at their respective college.

six signing Habich speaks

Watauga head football coach Ryan Habich speaks during the ceremony celebrating six of his athletes for their achievement.

Curtis thanking six signing

Will Curtis speaks at the podium, thanking his family, friends and coaches for the unwavering support that they bestowed upon him.

Curtis thanking six signing

Carlton Horine comment six signing

Carlton Horine addresses the friends, family and coaches that fill the gym to celebrate the collegiate commitments that he and his teammates secured.

Cole Horine grin six signing

After finishing his remarks, Cole Horine smiles towards his fellow Pioneer commits off camera.

Thompson prepared six signing

William "Trey" Thompson came prepared with a prepare sheet of thanks and remarks, spending the least time at the podium but making the most of what he wanted to say.

Shirley gestures six signing

Isaiah Shirley gestures towards the assembled crowd inside of Lentz-Eggers gymnasium. Like his fellow Pioneers, Shirley was thankful towards all the community members who helped him achieve his goals.

Temple talks six signing

Levi Temple was a standout linebacker during his junior year, but had his final season derailed by an ACL tear. Temple has committed to being a preferred walk-on at NC State.

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