Kaduk starts state tournament Oct. 25

Watauga’s Jadyn Kadyk will play college tennis at Wingate.

BOONE — Watauga girl’s tennis player Jadyn Kadyk returned from playing all of her matches in tournaments last fall to playing for Watauga’s varsity team.

In 2020, she’ll play next spring for Wingate University. Kadyk will play for the Bulldogs after playing the No. 1 seed for Watauga’s.

Kadyk showed interest as early as October, but visited other schools into February. She committed and the later signed in February.

“I got to meet all of the girls and they’re all very nice,” Kadyk said. “They have a really competitive program, so I’m looking to get better there.”

Kadyk went undefeated in Northwestern Conference play. She added a 3-A Western Regional championship and finished with a fourth-place finish in the 3-A state tournament.

Girls’ tennis is played in the fall so Kadyk didn’t have to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With how the circumstances are now, I’m thankful I played in the first place because I know there are a lot of athletes didn’t get to finish their senior year.”

Wingate is a member of the Division II South Atlantic League. The Bulldogs, who play in the spring, went 6-0 before their season was shut down by the NCAA on March 12.

Wingate won all of those matches by 7-0 scores.

“I really liked the school itself,” Kadyk said. “I want to go into the medical field and they have a great health sciences program.”

Kadyk also likes the size of the university, which is located in Union County six miles east of Monroe and 30 miles east of Charlotte.

“I feel comfortable in smaller class sizes where I get to know my professors,” Kadyk said. “Wingate is a smaller school so I’ll get that one-on-one with the teachers.”

Kadyk also likes the smaller campus itself and to branch out away from Boone. The town of Wingate is about 90 miles from Boone, which Kadyk says is far away enough from home to be able to take care of herself, but close enough for her parents to watch her matches.

“Everybody stays on campus their four years, so everybody loves it there,” she said. “I want to get away from home,” Kadyk said. “I didn’t want to go to App so I could get the experience of being on my own.”

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