Watauga cheerleading

WILMINGTON, Ohio — Former Watauga student Cyan DeBoard has been a cheerleader nearly all of her life.

The exception to that was the fall semester of the 2019-20 school year, when she put cheerleading aside to concentrate on her studies. That won’t be the case when she enrolls in Wilmington (Ohio) College this fall. DeBoard signed a letter to be on the Quakers’ cheer squad during a teleconference held May 19.

“I used to live here in Wilmington, Ohio, and I thought the school was great,” DeBoard said. “I thought the school was great and it was a cute little campus. I moved to North Carolina and I still had it in my head that I wanted to go to Wilmington.”

She and her family moved back to Wilmington after her graduation. She started seeing information on social media about Wilmington’s cheer camp, so she reached out to the school about attending.

The Wilmington coaching staff met with DeBoard and sent her some information about joining the team.

“Everything kind of went into place as to how I wanted it to,” DeBoard said.

DeBoard was on the Watauga cheer squad in her freshman, sophomore and junior years. She decided to take a break from cheering her senior year, which allowed her to focus on her academics. But cheering is something she’s done since she was very young and is excited to be part of the Wilmington squad.

“Cheering has always been a part of my life,” DeBoard said. “I’ve been training since I was very tiny and I just love that I can support my school and the athletes and have a part in his huge world of sports.”

DeBoard likes the athleticism that goes with cheerleading as much as the roar of the crowd when it’s game time. Gymnastic tumbling was a big part of her job at Watauga. She also considers herself a “flier,” which is the term used for a cheerleader who gets tossed into the air, instead of a “base,” the team used for cheerleaders who toss the fliers into the air and who also support pyramid formations.

She said the tumbling is her favorite part of cheering, but also likes the actual cheering aspect, especially when the crowd is really into the game.

“I love getting the crowd involved into it,” DeBoard said. “It’s all fun.”

DeBoard will cheer for football and basketball at Wilmington. The Quakers have been a member of the in the Division III Ohio Athletic Conference since 2000.

DeBoard plans to major in athletic training with a minor in coaching.

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