WATAUGA — The Watauga District basketball teams had very different experiences on a pair of road trips to Calvary Day and East McDowell on Dec. 7 in Winston-Salem.

In the girls’ game, Watauga (9-1) earned their eighth straight win in dominant fashion, crushing Calvary 35-3. Blair Haines scored a game-high 10 points while Chloe Weigl picked off eight steals.

While Watauga was limited to under 30 percent shooting on the night, their stellar defense made the game a wash.

The same night, the Watauga boys (7-3) lost 35-32 in a nailbiter. Adding salt to the three-point loss wound was their three point shooting percentage — they missed all 12 shots on the night.

Brady Lindenmuth’s 14 rebounds led the way for Watauga, who forced nine turnovers.

Two days later, the teams were back on the road against East McDowell, and the results were the same.

While the girls were not as dominant as they were against Calvary, they still won 30-22. A 50 percent shooting night from Presli Wood highlighted the team-effort win.

For the boys, it was another close loss, but this time they came short by two points.

Lindenmuth’s team-highs of 12 rebounds and 11 points were not enough as a 13 percent shot rate from three and 11 turnovers sunk Watauga.

Both teams will have a full week of rest under their belts before returning to the court on Thursday, Dec. 16, for a road matchup with Forbush.

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