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BOONE — The new scoreboard that will greet Kidd Brewer Stadium fans on Sept. 8 is at the stadium, but those who are installing the scoreboard, according to Appalachian State Athletic Director Doug Gillin, said there is a minor problem.

“The found out why we call it “The Rock,” he said.

Gillin said to the Appalachian Athletics Committee despite the rocky terrain, the scoreboard will be installed by Aug. 1. Appalachian State plays its first home football game Sept. 8 against Savannah State. He said the construction is on track, but workers drilling the support holes for the board have run into solid rock, which has been difficult to drill through.

Eventually, those holes must be at least six feet deep.

“It’s going to be a big hole and a big rock up there,” Gillin said of the current status of the Kidd Brewer video board. “Aug. 1 — that’s the plan. It might get pushed back a couple of weeks, but it has to be ready by September when Savannah State comes in.”

Kidd Brewer Stadium currently has a video board, but Gillin likes the idea of having a newer board. The overall cost of the football board is $3 million and the cost for the Holmes Center board is between $800,000 to $1 million.

“For football, the board that is in there is eight or nine years old, so it’s time for a new one,” Gillin said. “For the crowds that we draw — we led the league in attendance and we sold out two games for the first time since the reconfigured stadium, I wouldn’t be surprised if we do that again. That board will be a drawing piece for folks.”

Gillin said the Holmes Center board should be installed by Aug. 15 in time for the Mountaineers’ first volleyball game, which is Aug. 25 against visiting Missouri State.

“It’s almost $4 million worth of work in terms of boards and installation and etc.,” Gillin said. “When we talk about Mountaineer impact, this is the first phase one. We’re going to get these put in.”

Gillin said the Holmes Center board could be used for more than athletics.

“Certainly it helps with graduation and helps with all the other events that the university holds there, too,” Gillin said.

One of those events held at the Holmes Center was the arena football team High Country Grizzlies. The scoreboard, which will hang above center court, can’t be lowered and taken away, but it can be raised upward.

Several kickoffs during the Grizzlies’ games would hit the catwalk and the scoreboards located in the upper parts of the arena.

“It can be hoisted up,” Gillin said. “You can’t drop it down, unhook it and drive it out of there. We have not planned to do that. You can draw it all the way up and we’ll have to protect it somehow, but it would be good for them, too. If they’re in the building, it’s state of the art equipment. Whatever event, we really feel that the video can help everybody.”

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