COLUMBIA, S.C. — Becoming a head football coach for a Southeastern Conference program is not an easy thing to do. Winning in the SEC can be even harder.

Former Appalachian State head coach Eli Drinkwitz is going to find that out after he took the head coaching position at Missouri on Dec. 10. Should he win at Missouri, he will be compensated generously for it in salary and benefits.

Drinkwitz was given a six-year contract worth $4 million per season. Just $450,000 of that is base salary, while the rest is classified as supplemental.

He also has incentives that, if all are met, are worth $850,000 annually. Those include a $500,000 bonus for winning the national championship, $300,000 for being a participant in the finals and $250,000 for making the playoffs.

Playing on a College Football Playoffs non-semifinal bowl brings a $150,000 bonus and being in the SEC Group of 6 and the Citrus Bowl delivers a $100,000 bonus. Drinkwitz receives a $50,000 bonus for going to a non-SEC Group of 6 bowl.

Drinkwitz is also entitled to bonuses on the SEC level. He receives a $150,000 bonus for winning the SEC championship game and $100,000 for playing in the game. A top 25 ranking, winning 10-12 games in a season and achieving Aspirational Academic success are worth $25,000 each in bonuses.

Drinkwitz’s staff was also taken care of. There is $5,200,00 available for 10 assistant coaches. Another $1,200,000 is available for administrative staff, including executive assistants, analysts, director of football operations and other football specific staff. All administrative staff must be approved by Missouri Athletic Director Jim Sterk.

The contract also has some perks that don't necessarily have dollar signs. Those include a country club membership, two courtesy cars, a suite and premium access for home football games, four premium tickets for home basketball games, access for all other sports home events and spouse and family travel on team charter flights.

Drinkwitz can expect the university to pay up to five percent of base salary for moving expenses that is subject to university policies terms and execution of moving agreement. The university will also provide $25,000 for any ancillary moving expenses.

Drinkwitz also has access to a university owned condo or may be provided with other temporary housing, if needed, for up to six months at no charge. The value of the temporary housing may be subject to income tax.

Should the university terminate the contract without cause, Drinkwitz will be entitled to “liquidated damages of 70 percent of the total remaining annual compensation for the remaining contract term.”

The contract also states that, “Fifty percent of such amount is payable within 30 days with the remaining 50 percent of such amount payable over monthly installments for remaining term and subject to mitigation.

If there is termination for cause, all payments and benefits will end on termination date.

If Drinkwitz leaves the university on his own terms, the university, “shall be entitled to total liquidated damages of of $6 million if agreement terminated prior to Jan. 15 2021, $4 milion if prior to Jan. 15, 2022, $3 million if prior to Jan. 15, 2023, $2 million if prior to Jan. 15, 2024 and $1 million of prior to 2025.

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