Gillin contract details

App State Athletic Director Doug Gillin signed a contract extension in December 2019.

On Dec. 13, the Appalachian State Board of Trustees voted to give App State Athletic Director Doug Gillin a contract extension that goes through 2024.

Gillin, originally hired by App State in 2015, got an extension Dec. 13 that goes to Dec. 31, 2024. The contract was released online on Jan. 8.

He will be compensated with a base salary of $450,000 for the first year, which is 2020, and receive a 4.5 percent increase per year through 2024. Gillin will receive $470,250 in 2021, $491,411 in 2022, $513,525 in 2023 and $536,633 in 2024.

Gillin’s latest contract, which was from 2018-21, started at $270,612 in the first year. It has increased 4 percent in each year.

Gillin also agreed to a retention bonus of $25,000 from Jan. 1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2020. Gillin will receive a retention bonus of $50,000 each additional contract year. It will be paid in addition to the base salary and not as an increase in base salary, according to the contract.

He also continues to be eligible a $10,000 bonus if the Appalachian State football team makes a bowl game appearance, a $5,000 bonus for cumulative student-athlete GPA that is greater than 3.0 and a $5,000 bonus for a cumulative APR that is greater than 950.

Gillin also will continue to receive $5,000 for each sport that wins a conference championship up to the maximum $25,000.

Should Gillin be terminated without cause, he will receive the remainder of the base salary that is stated on the contract. Should he be terminated for cause prior to the expiration of the contract, Appalachian State is not under any obligation to pay the remaining contract.

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For anyone that thinks the visibility of football is worth using tens of millions of dollars in university money, just turn on ABC right now. You will find the FCS championship on national broadcast TV with no competing games! South Dakota State doesn't lose much money but it has been on ESPN as much as Appalachian this year and now is on national TV. Something Appalachian has never done. And Appalachian was on ESPN as much when it was in FCS, and it was on the cover of SI when it was in FCS. Enrollment grew just as much back then. The visibility argument is straight up BS.

Let me get this straight. If I run an operation that spends $38 million per year but only generates $14 million in revenue per year, there really are people that will double my salary? If I increased the deficit spending threefold, people would really double my salary? In the business world, this operation would go bankrupt yesterday. Who gives that raise? A socialist for sure, and one that is not the most financially and academically committed.

A good AD would figure out how to make athletics pay for itself, not take more and more and more and more from the university to allow it to live so far beyond the budget. And good leadership would not be suckers for this scam.

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