The discussion of highly contentious political issues is virtually inescapable. The decisions being made by those who hold power in our nation’s capital has had significant impacts ranging from economic implications to societal transformations. It is because of this that I find it appropriate to discuss the potential effects of such far-reaching actions originating from Washington.

One thing is clear: If our country is to preserve the ideals that have defined America as a beacon of freedom and hope, voters must effectively rebuke the misguided agenda of the current administration. Remaining silent while this administration seeks to stoke fear and hate against immigrants, minorities and those who just happen to have a different perspective, and a countless number of other groups of individuals, makes one complicit in such divisive political discourse, not innocent.

When the president supports erroneous and baseless trade barriers that threaten the stable relationships we have developed with our allies and will negatively affect the global market in the long-run while, on that same token, cozying up to dictators who wish to exploit and undermine democracy, we must remain vigilant. When the president resorts to demeaning our intelligence agencies who, without a shred of doubt, concluded that Russian involvement affected our system of elections in order to appease the former head of the KGB on an international stage, we must seek truth. And when the president, usually viewed as an individual who acts responsibly and humbly, attacks those who have literally sacrificed their entire lives to advance the cause of freedom simply because of a mere difference in politics, we must rebuke such behavior.

While not every action of the president’s or of the members of his administration warrant such criticism, it is necessary to refuse and refute hateful rhetoric when it materializes. Regardless of political affiliation, religion, gender, age, socioeconomic background, we must realize the consequences of rationalizing the recklessness and incoherence of both the president and those Republicans who would rather score political points by embracing such an agenda.

Contrary to the belief of those who espouse “conservatism,” sheer ignorance on the part of the president in exchange for positive economic performance isn’t an even trade! The issues delved into above and those not mentioned must be considered this November. I believe that this election is not about a(n) pro- or anti-Trump agenda; it is about decency, integrity, equality, and true representation. For the sake of your fellow Americans, in whatever way possible, place a referendum on this morally deficient administration.

Colby D. Carr


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All the Democratic Party has to offer us is hate for a US President that 60 million American voters elected in November 2016 and the only agenda you have is to get rid of Donald Trump by any means. You have zero tolerance for ideas other than your own and all you can present to the voters are socialistic advances that we cannot afford. For me, I love the new US Administrations agenda to make our enemies fear us, make our Allies pay their fair share, seal our border from ILLEGAL immigrant & drug trafficking, create private sector jobs and grow our GDP, give minorities the freedoms and encouragement to achieve all they can achieve and allow freedom OF religion rather than freedom FROM religion. By the way, the only collusion between an American federal official and the Russians were the last POTUS (Obama) and Hillary Clinton with the Uranium One Deal and reset button, both not good for us! I am very proud to echo Ronald Reagan's statement that he (and I) did not leave the Democratic Party -- the Democratic Party left him (and me)! For me, I tried to support Demo Party agendas and ideas presented by one of my favorite Democrats, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, but starting with LBJ, your party moved to path that grew to today's far left socialistic party who needs to depress minorities for their votes and appease the rich for their donations.

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