Immediately after the November 2016 general election, a large group of Hillary Clinton supporters, including Washington DC bureaucrats, career establishment politicians and far left activists, began a group labeled “Resist” which was to oppose any dialog, act or proposal made by President Donald Trump. Most expected Clinton to be elected and were in disbelief, shocked and hateful when she lost. This hate solidified the Resist movement.

While acknowledging the Resist movement, consisting of unfriendly agency bureaucrats and some elected Congressional individuals, Trump has worked diligently to eliminate job killing regulations on American businesses. He has signed into law the largest employee and corporate tax reductions since 1986. Trump has aggressively tried to equalize trade tariffs and policies while all of our businesses have gained confidence resulting in huge job growth in both small and large companies. Record employment and unprecedented stock market growth are added benefits. Our economy has grown to 4.1 percent GDP within the first half of his term.

Trump negotiated the release of three Americans held by North Korea while keeping sanctions and beginning the summit talks with Chairman Kim Jong-un to kill his nuclear weapons program. The Resist movement was not in favor of the president meeting with North Korea. Trump continues to be tough on our worlds worse leaders by getting out of the Iranian Deal. The previous administration gave Iran $1.7 billion cash on pallets which was used to finance terrorism around the world. Iran’s nuclear weapons program was only temporarily delayed. Trump then increased sanctions on Iran for supporting terror around the Middle East and on Israel.

We can look forward to tougher sanctions on Russia for the alleged meddling in our elections, for annexing Crimea and for threatening the eastern half of Ukraine. Trump knows that the first most effective action for meddling is a strong deterrent within our systems and anti-spy defenses.

Trump continues to promote actions to seal our borders and to rid the flow of criminals within the illegal migration. MS-13 gang members, sex slave trade and drug trafficking are a serious threat through open borders supported by the Resist movement.

Trump has acted to reunite illegal immigrant families. Many children were brought to the U.S. by parents knowing that crossing our border was illegal and could result in being arrested and deported. The parents risked harming their families while traveling thousands of miles over dangerous terrain with criminal guides (coyotes) who extorted money from them. Some of their young women were raped and tortured. Stopping illegal immigration and the huge cost to taxpayers is a goal of the current administration. Why isn’t the Resist movement outraged at Mexico for allowing this illegal human trafficking to exist?

You must vote in November to continue the current economic growth of jobs for Americans and legal immigrants. Vote to make USA products competitive in the world market place with better trade deals. Vote to protect us with a strong military, strong customs and ICE agencies and strong local police support! Voting for the most conservative candidates, who are the Republican local, state and national candidates, will ensure continued success.

Donald Bolster

Sugar Grove

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Well said, Mr. Bolster.

The "Resist movement” clearly involves people at the highest levels of the CIA and FBI and enough has already been proven to show a conspiracy to thwart the electoral process. Treason.

The lockstep media’s failure to care about this attempted coup and the 24/7 attacks on candidate and President Trump demonstrate the fact that "our free press" is entirely in the hands of globalists.

There hasn’t been such an all-out attempt at character assassination since “our free press” and “our Congress” destroyed Sen. McCarthy. Neither “the free press” nor our “academic” institutions have concerned themselves to inform the nation that McCarthy was acting upon existing FBI and State Department investigative reports on Communist infiltration. Likewise, the declassification of the Venona Project, which proved Sen. McCarthy entirely correct, has gotten the Memory Hole silent treatment from our intrepid academics and media. See Stanton Evans’ Blacklisted by History and Venona by Haynes and Klehr for the sordid facts.

“It is impossible to explain how a press usually so eager to exploit the little incidents of life has been able to remain silent about the horrors perpetrated in Russia...and that it should have so little to say concerning a world organization as vast as Russian Communism. This favored by various occult forces which for a long time have been working for the overthrow of the Christian Social Order” - Pope Pius XI, (Divini Redemptoris, 1937)

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