Under the mantra “Make America Great Again.” the present administration in Washington has redefined greatness.

Greatness is no longer characterized by honesty and integrity, but by agitation.

Greatness is no longer defined by the support we give our allies but by the withdrawing of support from those we have supported in the past, like the Kurds in Syria.

Greatness is no longer defined by cooperation with other nations to prevent worldwide catastrophes like the collapse of civilization from human-caused extremes in climate change and extinction from nuclear war but by withdrawing from important treaties, like the Paris Accords and the Nuclear Agreement with Iran.

Greatness is no longer defined by progress in civil rights, but by fueling the flames of prejudice with statements of support for white nationalists and others who would destroy the progress which has been made.

For many, greatness is now demonstrated by flying the Confederate flag rather than the American flag. We have gotten to a point where domestic terrorism is a greater threat to America than Islamic terrorism. Greatness is no longer characterized by how welcoming a country we are, but by how abusive we can be toward many who “yearn to breathe free.”

Greatness is no longer characterized by liberty and justice for all, but by attempts to either take away our demean foundations of our democracy like freedom of the press and by blatant obstructions of justice by many of our key leaders.

Greatness is no longer defined by how compassionate we can be, but by how greedy we can be.

In America we have lost the “Unum” in “E Pluribus Unum.” Is this the America millions have fought and suffered and died for? Is the greatness noted above what we want to be known for? As an Army veteran and one born in America, I am in anguish over what is happening to us and am praying that we will wake up and work for an America that lives up to its best ideals, many of which come out of our faith traditions and many of which are in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Herbert Hash Jr.


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