About 4:30 on a recent afternoon, two fighter jets flew over Boone.

The first caused a noise so loud that I looked skyward and saw it flying east-southeast. Then, I heard the second fighter jet flying much lower and louder. This is so much different than just a few years ago when there were only helicopters or single engine airplanes flying over the ASU campus.

This is not the first time I have seen the fighter jets. Where are the jets going? Where are they coming from? Why are they so low? Why are they so frequent? The mountains resonate a louder boom from these jets that cause one to stand frozen and stare into the skies for answers.

Rosalie Simmons


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God bless our military pilots and crews! Don't get your pants in a wad - they're just training on cross country flights for navigation and other tactical purposes.


My understanding is that our mountains are very similar to the ones in Russia and so are used as a training ground for low maneuvers...

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