In the executive and legislative branches of our national government there appears to be a dearth of real leaders. It has reached the point where it is fair to say we are desperate for real leaders who can find common ground, build a consensus and move forward with solutions, rather than the endless demagoguery that is so abundant today.

We need real leaders who work to bring us together rather than espousing divisive rhetoric, real leaders who promote “we” rather than “me,” real leaders who treat all with respect and courtesy.

We need men and women of honor and integrity who listen and carefully reflect before speaking or acting and can rise above the fray.

I am confident we are innately better than what we see today. So, real leaders please step up, do not be distracted by the endless scrutiny that comes with leadership positions today.

Maybe we each should look deep inside and live by the “Golden Rule” or scripture that reminds us to “love our neighbor as we love ourselves.” Maybe this begins at the bottom with everyday folks, and works its way to the top — one small step at a time.

But let’s hurry.

Jay Vincent


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