I am 76 years old and I do not remember such a contentious election year across the country at all levels, where the focus was disparaging the opponent rather than addressing issues. Whether your preference was elected or not, may we all work toward bringing our country and our communities together to find common ground, to build a consensus and to move forward with solutions to the problems our communities and country face.

Hopefully our leaders from the federal executive branch, the legislature and on the state and local levels will be men and women who are real leaders who conduct themselves with honor and integrity, treat others with respect and dignity and work to lead us forward, bringing us together to address the problems we face. Real leaders, whether elected or unelected, please step forward. We need you.

I love this community and my country, but we all have work to do. We are much better than we have recently been. Each of us needs to work toward leaving a better country for those who follow us.

Jay Vincent


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