Isn’t it ironic that both President Donald Trump and National Security Advisor John Bolton, neither of whom have experienced military combat, are now, according to news reports, thinking about starting a war in the Persian Gulf?

Trump, apparently, is ready to send “troops” into what will become a very dangerous situation. These “troops” are young people who are loved by their relatives and friends. Trump thinks that he knows everything, but neither he nor Bolton have any personal knowledge about war.

Young people are the ones who die in war. If Trump and Bolton could be on an old wagon track in North Korea in a February at 2 a.m. and look down on the dead faces of two young soldiers, who had been thinking about going home for weeks, they would know something of what war is all about. These young men were deprived of years of life, their parents, siblings, and others will never “get over” the loss of their lives.

We must not provoke a war. We must wait until whoever that the President and Bolton want to engage now shows that they are a danger to the USA.

Baird Buchanan


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