I am no longer a resident, and haven’t been for years, but my wife and I recently drove through Boone on Hwy. 321. We were both shocked and disappointed how things have changed.

Whose idea was it to build such ugly buildings in what used to be a nice small town? No sidewalks or trees, just these big ugly buildings. Did they think about the permanent residents before building those things? I think not.

Where did the town go? That, without a doubt, has to be the ugliest stretch of road on all of 321. I know it’s the ugliest part of a campus that I have ever seen, and looks like they are building more. Boone is known all over the world for the beauty around it and that’s the best the UNC system can do?

Randy C. Burgess


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Are you referring to the apartment complexes like that complete and utter eyesore that is The Standard? Because that's not the university, nor the UNC-system, that's the town allowing those abominations to be built...


We are lucky newcomers who moved here in November 2018. Love he weather. The Demands of some App students is just plain crazy. Answer no. Improvement comes from requests not demands. If people are not happy they can move to anyplace to find happiness as a nation we have spent trillions to make people happy. Seems to have been a waste of money. Personal responsibility for actions seems lost these days. Thanks


What on earth does *any* of this have to do with App State student "demands?" Do you ever read what you write before you post it? Because it's beyond incoherent.

I also find it pretty funny how often you're on here incoherently ranting and raving against the students at the university, yet many of them have lived here longer than you!!

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