Unfortunately, the Boone Police department is not requiring officers to wear masks during routine traffic stops.

My husband and I recently were pulled over for failing to use an indicator. The officer that pulled us over told us he didn’t have to wear a mask and wouldn’t even step back from the car.

He told my husband to roll the window completely down and would not give him the ticket without directly handing it to him. This man was stopping traffic on King Street, interacting with hundreds of people every day.

Lots of license plates up here from Florida and other states with many more people sick than there are in our mountains. The Boone Police department needs to be more concerned with the health and safety of local people and wear masks, give six feet and just be respectful of the fact that we’re in the midst of a pandemic.

A minor traffic stop is not such a big emergency to justify not following safety protocols. What’s the role of public safety if not preventing people from dying?

Moira Marquis


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