When baby food companies would rather poison infants and young children with toxic heavy metals, such as arsenic and mercury, in their food, we have to question why and if we care. When dog and cat food makers put ingredients in animal food that will kill them, it shows another lack of disregard for life.

When people of all ages laugh at those who attempt to stem the tide of COVID-19 by wearing a mask and social distancing, it says we do not care about ourselves or the welfare of others.

We used to be a caring nation — we used to care if what we said or did as an individual hurt someone else. We pulled together for the common good. Greed was not in our vocabulary and God was at the center of our lives. Time has allowed the erosion of what is right and good for all in our nation.

I hope God has not given up on us — we can turn things around if we want to.

Diana Ward


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