I have watched both the Democrat and Republican conventions, and the pros and cons of both.

What Joe Biden says about Medicare for everyone; providing health care, food stamps and housing for undocumented immigrants; and paying for college for students all sounds good, but he never says where all that money is coming from.

To pay for all of this, in all of the years I have worked, I’ve found it has to come out of the workers’ pockets. We are the only ones paying taxes.

Biden said he would raise taxes, but how by how much? Do any of us want our taxes raised? And, what’s with getting rid of fossil fuels? With no gas or oil, how will planes fly or ships sail? And, how many of us can afford electric cars?

Biden will have to answer a lot more questions before he gets my vote. I guess a lot of voters are just like me — we need some questions answered.

Belle Marsh


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So let me help you out a little here.

First, Biden is not for Medicare for all. He wants to close up any loopholes in the ACA (Obamacare).

For college and Student Debt, He wants 2 years of Community college Free and the last 2 years at University for students to pay. Cutting the college expense in half for the student. He wants Student loan payback be no more than 5% of what they make at their job. Private, State and National money will provide the funding for community college.

As far as health care, food stamps and housing. These are programs that have been around for years. By the way, undocumented workers pay taxes.

As far as raising taxes. If you make $400,000 or more per year, then he wants to raise your taxes.

With fossil fuel, it’s reduce, not get rid of. Our Navy ships already run with Nuclear power. Planes are already testing with Bio-fuels. As a matter of fact every major oil company is working on bio-fuel technology.

All car manufactures are working on hybrid and electric cars. Competition will drive prices to affordable. Of course this will take time, but it’s coming.


Aye yah. See, this is where your job as a citizen comes in. It's not up to others to simply spoon-feed you answers, you've actually got to conduct some research yourself. Every single question you have just raised has clear-cut answers that are readily available for anyone with enough gumption to take a look.

Note this is by no means an endorsement of Biden, simply a pet peeve of mine with the average American voter. Being a citizen means being *actively* involved in governance, not simply writing off a candidate because you're not willing to take the time to research answers to questions, again, of which all that you asked have answers...

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