Dr. Anthony Fauci has said it is possible COVID-19 may never go away and he could be right.

We continue to suffer from the virus as a nation because everyone will not come together for the common good.

Diana Ward


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Diana has summed it up pretty well, and Donald has helped fill in the details, thank you.

Now it is time for someone to step up and help bring us together, give us common goals and avenues for cooperation, empower us, help us to grow up and face the truth together: a real leader...

Oh yeah, I forgot. We don't have any of those...


Coming together to do what? Shut down all businesses and let small business owners lose their businesses? Keep your kids out of school for how long? Wear masks in and outside for how long? shut down all spectator high school, college and professional sports for how long? Let concessionaires and other stadium employee's stay unemployed for how long? Let home owners remain unemployed for how long? Come together to solve all these problems? Stop worshipping with our church families for how long while Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other so called protesters ignore distancing and masking, then continue to loot and destroy businesses and government agency building? Come together do what? How about some better ideas and restraints rather than waterless slogans! I say get back to work, to school, worship & love the only true God Almighty, support & respect law enforcement, Respect private property & businesses, arrest these domestic terrorists and other criminals and put them away for a very long time! At the same time, practice distancing, where masks, disinfect everything we have to touch and if some get the COVID-19, get healthcare help, take the best possible medicines, quarantine those most vulnerable and keep working and praying for a good inoculation.

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