As a combat wounded veteran (North Korea, 2 a.m., Feb. 21, 1953, while leading my platoon of night fighters), I must respond to the recent remarks made by President Donald J. Trump about wounded and killed-in-action warriors. Trump reportedly stated that those who defended our country’s interests were suckers and losers.

It is outrageous for one who avoided military service to make derogatory statements about those who served their country.

Veterans, especially our combat wounded veterans and the families of those who have died in combat while serving our country should be honored, not dishonored.

Baird Buchanan


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First, thanks for your service, especially combat experience! Second, stop watching CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and MSNBC -- these are super liberal fake news channels! Try One American News (OAN channel 347 on DirectTV) and Fox News, and you will get journalists instead of biased opinion commentators. Trump never said that, nor would he! No POTUS has done so much for vets and the VA than DJT!


Soooo avoid left-leaning biased media companies in favor of right-leaning media biases? How do you not see the irony?

Still waiting on you to explain away the 20,000+ false and/or misleading statements that Trump has made since becoming president...


Also waiting for you to explain away his abhorrent comments about John McCain, as that relates more to this particular Op-Ed (and completely contradicts the "nor would he!" aspect of your "argument"...)

[ban]please God help all Americans make the only presidential choice. Donald Trump. His accomplishments are outstanding


Please God let the rapture happen already so that y'all can leave the rest of us here in peace!!

Terry Gentry

Thank you for your service. Even John Bolton (no fan of Trump) said he never heard him say that. That is truly more Democrat/media lies


From anonymous sources which catagorizes his alleged statement as malicious claptrap by the left in their never ending attempts to slander him. Remember, the eyes are a better witness than the ears. If someone had disparaged your character but did not make himself known would you have us give his comments credibility. You are being gamed by the media, sir.

As for cancellation of a visit to a war cemetery in France, the pilot made the call because of bad weather.

Kindly don't don't take as Gospel the shadowed remarks of cowards.

The remarks that you attributed to President Trump have been discredited. Perhaps you should check as to the authenticity of any statements before committing them to paper. President Trump never uttered those words. Just more FAKE NEWS.

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