The last few days have been difficult, to say the least, for business owners and employees all across these United States. This battle taking place with our health care workers on the front line waging hand-to-hand combat with Covid 19 continues, fighting valiantly each day for any victory that will come their way.

Each night the evening news seems to drag us all deeper into a depressed state of mine, accumulating numbers of sickness and death, never heard of before in our lifetime.

One day last week, when problems were piling up, another untimely repair to one of my trucks was needed: a fuel cell replacement. My trusted local mechanic ordered a fuel cell locally, for pickup later in the week. The only thing I could think about was, another bill to take care of.

Then I remembered that at this same specialty parts store, six years ago, I was given a $600 credit on returned parts. No paperwork was involved and my only proof of credit given to me lay in the memories of one past employee and business owner.

A week later I told this same story to the local business owner and to my amazement he said, “Let me do some research, then I will give you a call.”

Wouldn’t you know it, he called my cell and said, “I verified your $600 credit. The next time you’re in town drop by and I will issue you a check.”

I was so overwhelmed with joy that I felt compelled to share this story of a local business here in the High Country guided by small town ethics that brought light to another business owner in this time of hardship and uncertainty.

Six years later, a credit is given: One local business helping another by just doing what was right. The light always overcomes darkness. Boone, N.C., small town USA: a place where you can still find business owners who care. I say, thank you.

R. Glenn Davis

Small business owner, Boone

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