The silences of Rep. Virginia Foxx, and senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis regarding President Donald Trump’s reprehensible behaviors since losing the election are beyond inexcusable. He is encouraging violence and divisiveness among the American citizenry, and to use one of his overused adjectives, that is disgraceful.

I trust that the voters of Watauga County who voted for Trump will pressure our legislative delegation to demand more respectable behavior from this man who lost.

Don Suggs

Blowing Rock

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I'll tell you why our US Senators are not actively opposing POTUS's objection to the results of the fraudulent 2020 General Election; (1) there was systemic fraud as a result of rules changed to make fraud easier like photo ID not required, mass mail in ballots & Dominion voting machine software, and (2) in the past their huge amount of MAGA constituents called & wrote them when they did not support Trump's agenda to protect our borders & jobs, allow to keep more our hard earned money and to protect our allies in the Middle East & Europe, and to fight the Dem leaderships 4 year expensive attempts to impeach a legally elected US President Donald J. Trump with no verified evidence. Both Burr & Tillis have been borderline RINO's in the past and we let them know we would remove them if they acted like Dem's! I do not always like what Trump says & Tweets, but I love his accomplishments and his transparency which has been honest, unlike most of our career politicians! This election was stolen and financed by Soros, Steyer & Big Tech CEO's.


Just so we're clear: I assume that you believe that the flurry of wins for republicans this past election cycle are also fraudulent? So that means Foxx won under fraudulent means, as well. Right? Cause they're all on the same ballot, buddy. You can't have it both ways. If the presidential election was fraudulent, *then so was each and every win by republicans.*

Donny, you truly are downright delusional. But don't worry, with the new leadership we'll make sure that you get full access to affordable mental health care!


I wouldn't hold your breath...


True. But since we are entertaining fantasies: is it too extreme to believe that all lawmakers who have defended Trump's charade and actively undermined the electoral process should be barred from ever holding public office again? Perhaps brazenly anti-democratic fascists should not wield power in a democratic republic? I'm sure the revolving door to corporate board membership will take care of them just fine...

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