Wearing a mask helps to keep our breathing, sneezing and coughing from infecting others, especially during the early stages of coronavirus when we may be infectious and not know it.

During my visit to Walmart yesterday and CVS this morning all of the employees and most of the customers were wearing masks — which I really appreciate.

Thank you all very much!

On the other hand, I just left the state ABC store where none of the five employees were wearing masks.

Come on guys.

Please set a good example.

Wear masks at work and help lead us in the right direction during this awful pandemic.

Steve Benkosky


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Fine, wear masks, stay 6' or more separations and cough in your elbow, BUT PLEASE OPEN ALL BUSINESSES BEFORE ANY MORE SMALL PRIVATELY OWNED BUSINESSES FAIL OR GO SO FAR IN DEBT THAT THEY CANNOT UNBURY THEMSELVES! Put our young people back to school and put all employees under 65 years old back to work NOW! The most at risk are those 65 and older with pre-existing health conditions -- so until an inoculation is available, quarantine them only if they want to be isolated. We are all free Americans protected by God and the US Constitution. If we want to risk it to keep our businesses open and economy strong, that's our right (as long as we take COVID-19 protocol safeguards).


Thank you Donald. Yes, COVID-19 safeguards are very important.

By wearing masks in public, we are helping to save lives.

Please let's all wear masks in public!

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