Government institutions and agencies rarely come in for praise in this country.

But in the case of the vaccination effort at the new Watauga Community Recreation Center (off State Farm Road in Boone), government and the community have never looked more helpful and efficient.

Ann and I received our first injection of the Moderna vaccine there yesterday. We had been alerted several times to our appointment time. When we arrived, plenty of signs and message boards led us to the large parking lot at the complex.

We were directed to a parking space by a well-prepared and friendly attendant and then pointed to the correct entrance.

We had never seen the new building, and it was wonderful: plenty of windows; an airy, bright inner space; an inviting atmosphere.

The indoor area was full of volunteers, all well-identified, trained and invariably cheerful. The various stations for registration and other processing were logically laid out.

The person who inoculated me first beckoned me over, put me at ease and neatly “jabbed,” as the Brits say. One has to wait awhile to see if any negative reactions appear. At the end of that interval, we were guided out the right exit door and directed to the parking lot.

Had we needed it, we would have been helped to our vehicle.

Our gratitude goes to the Watauga County Commissioners, the town manager, the hospital and all the other cooperating entities.

Most of all, we want to express thanks to the volunteer staff, who will be putting in a huge amount of time, as this operation takes off.

We all have much to be proud of as this effort goes forward.

Bud Gerber

Valle Crucis

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