Do electric cars contribute to child exploitation?

No one is arguing that electric vehicles emit less emissions than their gasoline counterparts. But let’s not ignore how these electric cars are produced, and at whose expense.

Environmentalists are quick to praise their Tesla’s and Chevy Bolts because they emit less emissions. But what about the Congolese children who are being exploited in the “cobalt Mmines?” Cobalt is a key component in the recharging batteries of these vehicles.

It is not enough for Tesla, BMW, Chevrolet, and Apple and Microsoft to simply discuss change in the future, or cut off business with a supplier of cobalt when misconduct is brought to light, I want to see active change, instead of them profiting of the expense of miners.

From 8,000 miles away, I don’t see these huge corporations playing an active role in the mines, or for that matter passing along any of the wealth to the nation whose land resources are depleted,

My catalytic converter on my petrol-powered car does a fine job of reducing emissions and it does not exploit children or Third World countries and their resources.

Even better, there are scrappers who recycle the precious metals in these catalytic converters from gasoline cars, when the car dies, and make a living doing so.

Now, that is what I call recycling.

Zain Eisenberg


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Mr. Eisenberg, you are correct plus what happens when the used and eventually failed batteries have to be disposed? There is pollution with toxic materials in the ground or other established dump. Plus, the electric cars are very inefficient -- they must be recharged after only 200 or 300 miles -- less mileage if its very cold! If you want to drive your Chevy Volt to Florida, it will take several days and if to California, maybe a week or more. In the Winter, it could take several hours to drive down to Charlotte or Raleigh. I would not want to drive my new Tesla (if I could afford a $80,000 car) to California or Florida if it takes a week or more! Plus, you would have to find a place to recharge your new plush Tesla when needed. How about you?

Hydrogen cars have been invented, produced and tested -- they use water (fresh or salt) for fuel, the emissions are completely clean, emissions are water vapor and the vapors naturally recycle. Plus the engines are powerful and unlimited supply of water! Why does this not be promoted by our politicians and corporate car makers? I don't know for sure, BUT maybe because there's no subsidies of taxpayer money handed out and the car makers might make less profits? Your guess is as good as mine but there are good questions to be answered!

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