Far too often, after another mass shooting of innocent people in our nation, our politicians and media reporters naturally demand action that “something must be done.” Some call for stronger purchasing restrictions and regulations for gun ownership or banning assault rifles, bump stocks and all guns and ammunitions. Some call for our government to buy back all guns and ammunitions. Others want to “red flag” persons who have shown a desire to perpetrate violence to others, or to different groups, and put their names on a list to prevent them from buying or having a gun and ammunition.

While all these people and ideas are well-meaning, nothing will keep an evil or mentally deranged person from getting a gun and ammunition to accomplish their desire to harm and kill others. They will steal, borrow, buy guns illegally or use another weapon such as a vehicle, knife or bomb to do their evil actions.

The overwhelming majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens who either use these weapons for hunting or protecting their families and properties. Our founding fathers understood the value of having an armed population to protect our families, our freedoms and to threaten enemies that might desire to invade our nation. Our U.S. Constitution and 2nd Amendment were intended as protection of our freedoms from criminals and tyranny. In the early stages of World War II, the Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto told the war lords that attacking the west coast of America would be a big mistake because at that time most American homes were armed with their own guns, therefore the attack at Hawaii and Pearl Harbor was initiated.

Campaigning politicians would like to think that further legislation by the state and federal governments can solve this gun violence issue in our nation, but more laws are just not the solution. At this point, there are no short-term remedies.

The only long-term answer is changing the hearts of all genders, races, ethnic groups and faiths in our nation’s citizenry.

For decades, far left secular progressives have forced prayers out of our schools, graduations and many other public events, including movies and network TV. They have tried to remove any reference to God and his commandments from public buildings, our nation’s motto “One Nation Under God,” the pledge to our flag and our national anthem.

During the next generations, Americans must vote with our ballots to bring God back into our lives and families by practicing heartfelt values. If we want violent acts to be minimized, we must allow and participate in prayer in our schools and public events, the worship of God and the love of our neighbors.

I understand that this is not politically correct, but this is the only long-term solution. Legislation is just another politician’s impossible promise.

Donald Bolster

Sugar Grove 

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