I am a Vietnam-era veteran. I never faced the enemy in combat. But while stationed at Charleston Naval Base, on afternoons or days off, I would go to the base library and find a magazine picturing service men and women who had died in Vietnam in the last weeks.

They all looked just like me, that is, young and full of life. I would look at each photo; read their date of birth and death; and imagine that I was them. I tried to take as much time as I could on each photo. I often teared up.

I wish that I could meet President Donald Trump, face to face, and ask him if he really considered these men and women “losers” and “suckers”; over 55,000 of my generation. (I already know what he thought of John McCain.)

Alexander Hallmark (USNR)

Blowing Rock

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Not that you'll even respond to this...but I'm curious, you make the claim this Trump has "always" given praise and admiration towards soldiers and veterans. If that's the case, could you please explain to the rest of us how you justify his despicable comments in the past towards John McCain??? Truly, I desperately want to know how you feel these comments were examples of praise and admiration...


That is false news -- Trump did not say that about our WWI troops! This POTUS has always and constantly given our armed forces and veterans praise and admiration. He has done more to support and service veterans with new VA Department rules and regulations than any past US President! If you hate Trump, just say that, don't pass along false news and statements!


How do those boots taste, Donny-boy?


Not that you'll bother reading it, and if you did you'd just shout "FAKE NEWS" till you pass out, but I find it truly disturbing how quickly and willingly you believe (and actively defend!) a man who has made more inaccurate, misleading, or straight-up false statements (read: outright lies) than just about any other president or politician in history. His count is currently sitting at over 20,000 false statements in just the last 3-4 years.

For a man as vulgar and bullying as Trump, who *thrives* off of insulting people and name-calling, that with glee posts these diatribes to his public Twitter account, I find it truly disturbing that "Christians" like you claim to be prostrate yourself to this antithesis of everything that Jesus taught. Truly pathetic.


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