I wonder why there is no mask enforcement.

We issue citations for parking violations, not wearing seat belts, talking on the phone while driving, exceeding the speed limits, etc.

All these regulations are to protect the public either from each other or ourselves.

It would be great for officers to issue a $25 dollar citation for the lack of mask wearing in public.

Appropriate signage should be placed on our county road and town entrances and frequently in all public places and businesses. After all, we sign for Tree City and football success why not “We are a COVID-19-enforcement county.”

I will remember those businesses that do not care for my health.

I realize that that would place an additional burden on our officers, but it should be looked at a needed public service. I believe it would take a burden off our businesses for enforcement duties sloughed off on them.

Also the parking enforcement officers or equivalent officer level officers could be hired for the COVID-19 duration.

Some might say it would restrict tourist dollars, but what is more important dollars: health or county residents?

It is my belief that the presence of a few officers issuing citations would quickly catch on and there of open enforcement of the non mask regulations resulting in better public protection without confrontation.

And not only in Boone but county businesses also.

I wonder if our politicians have hampered our law enforcement from “hampering business.”

Please help protect Watauga residents health from outsiders — and ourselves.

Daniel Veilleux


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Though it would be even better if these selfish spoiled brats grew up and stopped thinking only of themselves and their own sense of comfort, and stopped putting their family, friends, and neighbors in danger due to their utterly childish behavior.

Actually, come to think of it, most kids I've seen are far more considerate than these degenerates.

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