Why not let stupidity rule across the county as much as it does in Boone?

Boone's own university wants to rename residence halls because of its ties to history. When are people going to grow up and realize it's a part of history that no one can change — and renaming buildings won't change history, whatever things were said or done in the past.

Get over it, people, and leave things alone. Selfishness only changes other people's attitudes towards the situation.

David Moretz


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Kinney R. Baughman

There is a difference between history and the things we name or build to commemorate that history. The changing or taking down of the one does not mean the forgetting or erasing of the other. It means we're getting a more humane, inclusive perspective on it. This is progress.


Definition of "straw man":

1 : a weak or imaginary opposition (such as an argument or adversary) set up only to be easily confuted

You've got some studying to do, Mr. Moretz. Might I offer you this is a simple starting point?:



Buildings and stadiums and streets are routinely renamed on campus. Follow your own advise and get over it.


By removing statues and renaming buildings, I don't think we are trying

to forget our history. I think instead we are trying to acknowledge that

our history lessons have been woefully incomplete. In learning more

about our history we are discovering and acknowledging that many of the

names and events we have celebrated for years also hurt lots of people.

Instead of forgetting our history, perhaps we are educating ourselves to see a more complete and accurate history and responding accordingly.

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