I have lived in Boone for 51 years and am deeply concerned about present and upcoming events that could greatly affect the current COVID-19 crises here. People in our stores continue to not follow the law by not masking. The ordinance is not being enforced by the Boone Police Department. It is a proven fact that masks prevent the airborne spread of the COVID-19 virus. Why do you think doctors wear masks during surgery? It is to prevent the spread of disease, and are very effective. It is about time that the mask ordinance is enforced and fines are added to infractions such as is being done in Raleigh. Poorly informed and uneducated individuals, including some legislators, continue to spread false information that masks and vaccinations are not effective, but they are.

App State is about to have several super spreader events at the stadium with the Luke Combs Concert and football games at full capacity. The high school is also having games again at full capacity, a spreader event. These events are about money. How can anyone put a dollar value on illness and human life? Even MerleFest is requiring proof of vaccination, or recent negative vaccine testing. Why cannot our university do so for these events, or even cancel them?

The people of Boone continue to have problems like this brought about by poor planning at ASU. I would also like to know why ASU does not have a total mandatory vaccination policy for all faculty staff and students. Town and county employees need to be vaccinated, too. Why are some churches insisting on having face-to-face gatherings and services? We should all be concerned about preventing COVID and saving lives, not feelings or radical false ideas.

Dr. John Callahan, PhD


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I suppose that mask effectiveness could be debatable. I'm not sure.

But I am sure that a large number us here in the High Country feel safer when we all wear masks in public, and that's reason enough for me.


Laconic and perfectly reasonable.


Thank you Branch.


Proof again that having a PhD does not make one an unbiased "expert" when involved in the politicized society we find ourselves in today. Whether or not masks are effective has become a talking point from the far left side of our countries political establishment and to be used to make conservative thought and freedoms something bad! Masks work in surgery because the masks are first sterilized,. as well the air filtered and all patient handling tools and human extremities are sterilized and covered. Very few people have sterilized masks and if we do not practice distancing and make skin to skin contact, the COVID infection will get transferred. Most people do not keep masks sterilized or even clean, and only wear masks to keep far left radicals from confronting them or to make family and friends feel more comfortable -- totally effective they are not!

University faculties, politicians and some school boards just like having the pulpit power this issue distraction offers them!

And you are teaching our kids with the tax money we pay for our families to be educated?

Why are you not condemning with the border crisis where illegal immigrants, with 10% to 20% COVID infection rates, are being allowed to remain in our country then transported around all states and counties with that expense paid by us (the taxpayers)?

Sorry, but you should not be trying to shame us -- just teach the course of which you are responsible and let our police continue to reduce real crime that is harming and costing all of us daily.

Terry Gentry



Did you actually read the article?

"Face shield and social distancing could be better substitute of face mask for individual group of people that include COPD, acute and chronic respiratory disease, outdoor exercise, old age, underlying medical conditions and hypercapnia sensitive group but further clinical studies are required to be carried out."

In other words, no face masks are not 100% ideal, but this paper does not dispute their effectiveness. The paper, rather, is exploring some of the potential issues associated with mask wearing by certain populations. They also (rightfully) claim that they need more research in order to determine if their recommended alternative (face shield + distancing) would be viable for these populations.

Not really sure what you were going for in linking to this particular paper...


Dear Doctor, please try reading the research on masks -- they never have worked against viral agents, and they never will. And do you know that the PCR test has been decertified by the FDA due to extremely high false positives? Oh, and even after how many long months, there is no isolated sample of this virus -- so what drives the tests and statistics? Oh, and don't forget the VAERS database, and the tons of adverse reactions and deaths due to the mRNA 'vaccine' which are more than all other vaccines combined over the last 25 years. Yes, just continue child and human abuse, and crimes against humanity!


So now it's 25 years, not 30 years like in a post you made just yesterday? You can't even keep your story straight for 24 hours? *for the last time* Offer up some peer-reviewed sources (the kind that you expect everyone else to provide, but have never once provided yourself) on your claims, or please stop posting this garbage nonsense.

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