Based on a somewhat confusing article regarding a letter sent to the App State Police Department by Watauga County Board of Elections member Eric Eller, (“App State student leaders call on election official to resign,” Sept 15), other than representing the content as being the opinion of the board rather than himself personally, I can’t see any problem with the request for information in the letter.

If one wishes to perceive the content of the letter as implying that using the campus polling stations during the upcoming elections might be unsafe, then I suppose that is the within the rights of the reader. I personally don’t view it that way. Considering the protests, rioting, burning of buildings, etc. that have been ongoing in recent months in more urban areas and the published intent on the part of various groups to attempt to disrupt the coming election, I don’t find this letter out of order at all. Eller could just as easily be faulted for not requesting assurance that the safety of the polling stations would be monitored for safety by the campus police particularly if Watauga county voters have expressed that concern.

Personally, I would say that the actions of your board (Eller exempted) are an example of the cowardice of groups who refuse to stand up to the threatened actions of groups such as Black at App State (all five of them). Bear in mind that Watauga County is not Minneapolis and in the face of threats of media attention or worse, the local permanent residents unlike yourselves will not be so easily cowed.

Personally I am sad to witness the collective knee-jerk appeasement by a board of educated adults to the threats of a few students. Any attempt to force Eller’s resignation would just confirm my opinion.

Douglas Lacher


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Why anyone would cave to these little monsters is beyond me. Any obnoxious demands by any groups of students should be met with immediate expulsion. If they don't like it here they need to leave. If they have any grievances, they can take them up with their advisors.

As for the little felons, they will not profit by any attempt to intimidate people at the polling places around here.

Brian Franklin


Felons? Please do explain how these students are "felons."

Why don't *you* leave? You chose to live in a college town, it was not forced upon you (unless you're over 125 years old...).


Wow. It's truly amazing the vitriol that so many folks on here spit at our student population. Might I pose a question: Why on Earth do you all continue to live in a college town if you're so easily offended and angered by the fact that *gasp* students live here and want to have a voice? The university has been here looong before any of y'all, so to offer up the same kind of rhetoric y'all continually vomit onto anyone that disagrees with you, or wants to make changes in our town, why don't you just leave?

Love it or leave it....right?

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