It is a small thing in our country of protest groups that the President Trump sign we placed was taken for the second time in an area with other signs and no personal property involved.

What does this say to our future when individuals or groups that would do this have authority over our free speech?

Please don’t let your hate for one man tear down the progress we have made in the last four years. The Democrat party has big-time socialist plans for the USA which could ultimately ruin our country. There are many things about Trump’s personality that we don’t like, but he has been a strong leader for us and loves America. There are many sites that will list his accomplishments that the mainstream media will not publish or talk about on most news stations.

Before you vote, research the radical protest groups your party may be financially supporting and make sure you really want to vote for this. If my freedom of speech can be obliterated, what is our future under the new far-left liberal doctrine? Please give the facts long and hard thoughts. Go online and check the platforms of both parties. Your freedom and our Constitution are at stake.

Cindy Davis

Blowing Rock

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Dear Cindy,

I contend that most liberals and leftists in this country are quite well aware of President Trump’s “accomplishments;” and that these are the very reason for their strong opposition to his administration. I would also like to point out that his recent “accomplishment” of nominating Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court adds another avowed Originalist to the bench. You may not realize this, but in the Originalist view, the Bill of Rights is not intended to protect your individual liberties. Rather these “negative” rights simply establish limitations on the federal government’s power. Particularly as viewed by your own conservative justices, your first amendment right to free speech would only be in violation if agents of the federal government came in and removed your Trump sign. Obviously this was not the case. I do not condone the theft of your sign, but it sounds like it was not even located on your own property, and this is not a one-sided issue - my neighbors have had their Biden/Harris signs stolen on a nearly weekly basis. The DNC does not fund Antifa – which does not even have clear organizational hierarchy, membership status, or manifesto. They didn’t steal your sign, this is not part of a conspiracy, and it is not an “obliteration” of your rights. If you find the individual perpetrator, you may be able to take them to small claims court.

If you want to talk about a real violation of free speech rights, take a look at the story of Tennessee musician Justin Coffman. His home was raided by the FBI after he posted some controversial artwork for his band Gunpowder Plot on social media. He was evicted, fired from his job, and had his legally owned firearms confiscated thanks to the application of a very rarely used federal law that does not allow “drug users” to own weapons. Less than an ounce of marijuana was found in his possession during the raid. I hope you find this to be an insane overreach by the government. It was also explicitly part of the Trump DOJ’s crackdown on the highly fictionalized threat of anti-fascists. Coffman is not a member of Antifa, he is not a domestic terrorist, and he never made any actual threats against anyone. And yet, because of some staged anarchist-themed promo photos, he is sitting in a Tennessee jail as I write this. Leftists don’t even like Joe Biden, but supposing he really was some kind of far-left Socialist (he’s not), Biden isn’t coming for our free speech, our guns, or our freedom. You see: Trump is already actively doing all of those things, and with the overzealous compliance of the most powerful judicial figures in the country.

Trump cares nothing for the constitution as made clear by his unprecedented repeated violations of the Hatch Act, his use of public office to promote (or condemn) certain private businesses and products and reap personal financial gain, his engagement in unconstitutional solicitation of election interference from foreign countries (“read the transcript,” as conservatives love to say) and his complicity in stealing a Supreme Court seat from the previous administration when Obama had the constitutional duty to fill the gap left by Justice Antonin Scalia’s death. Trump is a fascist, a liar, a crook, and a cheat. He doesn’t care about veterans, our country, or you. I beg you to take your own advice and think carefully about the upcoming election, because there is so much at stake – just not in the way you have characterized it.


Lol. At his rallies, Trump (who your support) has *literally* called for physical violence against those that do not support him in the past, yet you're more concerned about someone that might steal your stupid yard sign. Yeah, OK, you're the one with the moral high-ground. /eyeroll

Y'all conservatives truly are just terrified little toddlers...

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