A lot of people are thinking past the current pandemic and the recession that is being predicted to come afterward. People are saying “when we get back to normal.”

If getting back to normal means getting back to the greed and uncaring our country has so vividly displayed for several decades, I don’t want to be part of it. If it means making everything hinge on politics and buying the favors of those we want to impress just to get where we want to be — is that who we really are as a people and a nation?

Is this who and what we want to be known for at the end of our lives? Or do we want to continue to be kind, helpful and caring to those we are reaching out to now?

Status and social class don’t seem to matter much right now. We have choices to make. Is money, politics and greed going to be what our nation and our people are known for in history or will we continue to carry on being the kind, caring and helpful people we are as a whole now?

Diana Ward


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