In a news conference following the mass murder of nineteen children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, Governor Greg Abbot described the eighteen-year-old gunman as “pure evil.” Yes, the killer and what he did are the epitome of horrific evil loose in our society. More recently Governor Abbott evaded the issue of the proliferation of guns and increasing gun violence in our culture by saying that our main focus should be on “mental health.”

Others say that the main cause of the majority of these massacres is fatherless families and poor parenting. Others say that only persons twenty-five and older should be allowed to own guns. Others affirm that the solution is more good guys with guns and the militarization of our society (more armed guards everywhere, teachers carrying concealed weapons, etc.). Others believe that the only answer is in stricter gun control, and many believe that doing nothing is best.

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