In the midst of the greed in our face every time we make a purchase of anything — including gas for our cars, food for our table, making a house or rent payment — it is difficult at times to remain hopeful.

When it seems all Congress wants to do is fuss and fight trying to funnel money to their friends and their own pockets to be “top dog”, it is difficult to be hopeful.

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No offense. I get the sentiment. But I have to wholly disagree. This exact attitude is in large part why we're in such a mess. Put off doing anything about trying to fix our situation, even though we 100% have the power to do so, because it seems difficult, perhaps even insurmountable, so we'll just leave it up to faith in a "higher power."

No thank you. We have to work fix our problems. WE have to hold politicians accountable and work to fix this system. Things will never improve if folks keeps repeating this same fantasy, pretending that all our issues are going to magically be fixed "some day" by some big daddy in the sky, meanwhile conditions continue to deteriorate even further here on the ground.

If you truly never want to see change during your life, or the lives of your children/grandchildren (and on down the line) then keep repeating this fantasy, 'cause it's music to the ears of the very folks swindling you day in, day out.



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