I grew up in Newland in Avery County and now own a second home in Watauga County.

I enjoy regular trips to the mountains to relax while hiking and biking. In the future, those visits will be tainted by the knowledge that while you folks are more than willing to take our tax dollars, you really don’t want us up there.

We heavily subsidize your tax income while utilizing few resources. Nevertheless, now that we are in crisis mode you have announced that we are not welcome. This arbitrary 14 day quarantine regardless of where you are coming from, or what precautions you have been taking has no scientific basis and is simply xenophobic.

I hope that your business community will recover, but this attitude in no way encourages us “outsiders” to spend money up there.

Keith Nance


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You non-local people - Are you coming here, bringing everything you will need for your 2 week quarantine, and staying home? No, not from what I have seen when I have to go out for groceries. You people don't even have the decency to wear a mask at our stores - I have seen you and your out of state license plates. Yes, I'm talking about you, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. And while your plates might blend in with ours, I see you too, Raleigh. You all stick out like sore thumbs to those of us that live here full time. Why would you even want to come here at this point? I think it is because you feel safer here, and to heck with the residents that kept the contagion down, no need to do your part, right? If you miss your mountain home, follow our Governor's rules and stay in it for 2 weeks! And if you feel like we should bow down and be happy that you are spending your dollars here, think again. You inflate prices, you use our resources, you clog up our roads, and you scare off our wildlife. It's amazing to me that you were ever under the impression that others welcomed you in the past, and more of us most certainly do not now. This isn't some "class warfare", this is reality. Hopefully you will not take up our precious hospital space when you get sick. Maybe you will have to be airlifted to a hospital that can treat you...does your insurance cover that? We have been following the guidelines, and for what? So you can come up here, ignore the rules, and infect us? Others including myself have said this isn't personal, but it is fast becoming so due to your selfish blind entitlement, and your blatant disregard for others. So your visit here will be tainted now knowing how we feel? Welcome to reality.




These arguments are not rational. So, if its SAFE for a people to come stay in a hotel (where they are WAY more packed together, HAVE to go out to eat, have way more turnover, etc), but it's somehow NOT SAFE for someone to come to THEIR HOME? I'm not suggesting theres ZERO risk, but these rules are illogical and inconsistent. This is not the time pit neighbor vs neighbor. It's no time for name-calling, class envy, etc etc. We need to be safe (and sane) about this.


Y'all also cause an inflation in the price of homes up here, making it harder for working folks to be able to live within the town (or sometimes even the county!) in which they work. So boo hoo that you have to self quarantine when visiting your *second* home. Be lucky that you even have one home, let alone a home *and* a vacation home.

Que world's smallest violin.


Wake County has a population of over 1.1 million while Watauga has just over 50k. The rate of Covd19 positivity for Wake County is 0.08% which is far from a staggering figure. Most of the cases have been in congregant care facilities. An individual that has not visited such a facility, not gone shopping and not been closely exposed to anyone other than immediate family thus has an extremely low risk of being positive. On the other hand, the way the Watauga County rule is written a resident of your county could drive to Charlotte, take a flight to New York City, visit friends in Manhattan and return the same day with no requirement to quarantine. That same individual could then drive to Avery County (0 cases), spend the night alone then drive back to Watauga County and have to quarantine for 14 days. No amount of anonymous vitriol will change the fact that the quarantine rule is arbitrary and without sound scientific basis. By the way xenophobia is the fear of something foreign and you folks seem very fearful of people foreign to your County.


Seriously? Xenophobic? Seriously? Have you looked up the meaning of that word? Do you really need to wonder why a county with nine confirmed cases and zero deaths wants to limit contact from other places? You know, places like Wake County, who has EIGHT HUNDRED NINETY ONE confirmed cases and NINETEEN deaths? Wow. Tone deaf much?


How incredibly selfish this is. When any county reports higher cases than an existing county, then by all means when you travel to the county, you are risking other lives. Do your part. You’ll get over it. Quit whining. I guess the neighbors now know who doesn’t have their backs where you live.

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