In response to your article on Connor Hoy’s initiative to make Watauga County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary, (“Student starts Watauga effort for ‘Second Amendment sanctuary,” March 8), I want to address this from the perspective of someone who came here for college and decided to stay and work here after.

I have followed this story with interest, and believe we need a voice from the other side.

It is disappointing to read Mr. Hoy suggest that this is an issue of “liberty and individual freedom,” when it is equally a matter of freedom and individual safety for residents to feel comfortable and secure in their homes, neighborhoods and workplaces. I feel Mr. Hoy’s suggestion is rooted in his idea of his own freedom, while also promotes a view that our county is unsafe to live in, proviso you are not armed. This lopsided argument is no different than his statement on this being a partisan issue, considering the rights discussed are entirely his own and not universal.

Further, in an earlier interview with “The Appalachian,” Mr. Hoy pointed toward desiring that this measure prohibit funding toward “unconstitutional” gun control. If the measure he wishes to promote is to prohibit such action, then he is trying to prevent illegal actions on the part of our local government.

Wataugans have done some incoherent things, but it seems highly unlikely to me that our local government will get into constitutional violations of this type at any point in time. And, if they do, wouldn’t we be better served by a legal challenge to such an action which could permanently demonstrate where county legislators can stand for or against gun rights?

At the end of the day, Mr. Hoy labeled this as a party issue. I do not own a gun, although my parents do. I have friends who own guns and I have practiced with a firearm in the past. I also know many people who do not own guns and live happily in this county. But, Mr. Hoy should be more careful in his language.

I am not against guns because of my party affiliation, I am against guns and sanctuary zones which celebrate them because last year, Riley Howell, a friend from high school, was killed at UNCC trying to stop a shooting. It saddens me to see Mr. Hoy simplify this issue when it is far more complex than before.

Thom Young


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Mr. Young, ask yourself this question -- would Mr. Howell still be alive today if law abiding citizens did not have guns or would he still be alive if there were more restrictions against gun ownership? The answer is no. A person wanting to do others great harm would figure a way to get a gun illegally, a knife or a bomb to do this deranged act to kill innocent people. Guns do not kill people -- other people kill people!

Donny, this has got to be near the top of the dumbest things that I have ever had the displeasure of reading. You really ought to read back through what you've just written. By your logic, anyone not living within a country with lax gun laws should be dead. Yet, *gasp* there are *millions* of people around the world living in places where gun ownership is illegal, or highly restricted, yet somehow they're not all dead. Not only that, the rate of gun deaths is *far* lower than in the US. How can this be?!?!

My word, y'all are such scared little boys, precious little snowflakes worried about each and every little bump in the night. It must really suck to live in such constant fear and anxiety, and to feel like the whole world is persecuting you.

Call me ishmael

You mention the rate of gun deaths. What about the rate of deaths from other weapons such as edged weapons, blunt instruments , hands and feet. Where does the US rank in non suicidal gun deaths? Have accidental gun deaths been rising or falling? How many gun deaths are gang related or linked to other criminal activities? Do anti-gun cities such as Chicago have higher or lower rates of gun deaths than pro-gun cities/ Inquiring minds want to know.

Call me ishmael

Mr. Young:

you appear to be guilty of the pot calling the kettle black. You don't think Mr. Hoy should be able to have a gun in order to defend himself or his family, while you approve of gun control and are against"sanctuary zones" protecting gun ownership. Mr. Hoy never indicated you have to own a gun, but you feel it is perfectly acceptable to speak against his opinion that it is better to be proactive against your opinion than not. One only need s to observe what has happened in Virginia to understand why Mr. Hoy is to be commended for his efforts. it may interest you to know that at least 58 out of 100 counties in North Carolina have become 2nd. Amendment sanctuary counties. More are joining their ranks all the time. I personally feel that Watauga should join them.

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