My family just wanted to say thank you for your generosity over the past two years. Two years ago this week, we were driving into Boone and Appalachian State full of excitement for our son’s first year of college and his first year of D1 tennis.

To be honest, we had never really heard of App State before our son started speaking with coach Craig Schwartz. Driving into Boone to drop off our son was our first time visiting the campus and the community. After a few days we had fallen in love and felt at peace with leaving our son behind.

We live in Hawaii, so it was not an easier decision to let him attend school so far away from home. Fast forward to May 2020 when my son woke up to a text message saying that App State had terminated Men’s Tennis along with two other men’s teams.

Watching my son go through an array of emotions was difficult to watch, but we know when one door closes another one opens. We are in Boone once again but this time to say our goodbyes as we pack up his apartment and head to a new school.

But we did not want to go without saying some “thank yous” to people that have impacted our life in a positive manner. To coach Schwartz for watching out for our son and being a great coach, the Hill family for always taking our son in for the holidays, our son’s landlord, Steve, for working with us to find someone to take over the apartment, Holly and Rita for the awesome home we always rent while staying in Boone and the countless other businesses and people that we have visited and met over the past two years.

Boone is an amazing community, and thank you for allowing us to be a part of it if even for a short time.

To Chancellor Sheri Everts and AD Doug Gillin, we know difficult decisions have to be made from time to time. However, our hope is next time it concerns the lives of people, their education, jobs and their families you will handle it in a more professional manner as the athletes and coaches deserved better than what they received from your offices.

So as we prepare to end this chapter of our time at App State and Boone we have a saying in the islands, aloha and a hui hou!

Shannon Heaven

Ewa Beach, Hawaii

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