On Sunday, Sept. 23, I was taking the recycle bin to the street when I carelessly allowed it to get out of my control and cans, glass jars and bottles and other stuff rolled down my rather steep drive and into the street, completely covering one lane of the street.

There was a fair amount of traffic at the time, which had to use only one lane and, as I stood there, jaw dropped open, while considering the best way to get the stuff out of the street without getting hit by a vehicle. One vehicle stopped, and three lovely young women jumped out and, without even one word, began to pick the mess up.

What would have taken me at least 15 or more minutes was done very quickly. I did not know any of the three and obviously they did not know me. They were just intent on helping a fellow human being who very much needed help.

I tell this because today’s news is so full of stories about such sorry people, particularly in our government, that it is refreshing to realize that at least in our beautiful community there are kind and thoughtful people. I wish I could say their names, but my old memory won’t cooperate. I told them that I love them, and I sincerely do.

Baird Buchanan


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