I read with amusement today that President Donald Trump accused Sen. Mitt Romney of “posing as a Republican” because he is the sole Republican to break from his party and find the president guilty of abuse of power.

This is amusing because he is the actually only Republican who stuck to principles that once provided guidance for his party. The rest of the Senate and the House of Representatives chose to vote as if they are members of a personality cult devoid of principles. They are the ones who are “posing as Republicans,” in my view, and, I think, in the view of anyone who actually remembers what Republicans used to represent.

So much for labels.

Stephen Dowlan


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No Mister Dowlan, you are the one that does not remember what the GOP represents. The Republican Party represents low taxes, free market economy, US Constitutional rule of law, strong military defense, freedom of speech in public gatherings & press, saving our babies lives from conception, Judeo-Christian family values, work off welfare, reduce job killing unnecessary restriction on businesses and freedom of religion. The democrats have been trying to remove Trump from the presidency since he was elected in November 2016, and they cannot get it done because he has not done anything to cause him to be impeached nor removed from office! No the dem's colluded with Russia during the 2016 campaign by paying for the unverified Steele Dossier (not Trump), the August 25th phone call between Trump eand Zelensky shows no Quid Pro Quo, nor bribery or pressure to investigate Biden's and Barisma, and the foreign aid was paid to Ukraine without a Ukraine investigation of the corrupt Barisma! No reason to impeach POTUS and how can there be obstruction of congress when no violation was committed of any unlawful or unethical action by Trump? Romney continues to be a Never-Trumper as he has always been! Romney is a far left zealot in sheep's clothing! Mitt is a registered Republican but is a Liberal Democrat in his actions and too many votes. Hope Utah recalls the snake!


Yes Donald, I do remember what the GOP USED to represent. They were once the party that was actually concerned about the optics of marital infidelity and coarse language in our leaders and our president. They were once the party that actually cared about rising deficits. They were once the party that once at least pretended to care about the trials and tribulations of middle class. They were once the party that cared about clean water and air (Nixon years). They were once the party that cared about telling the truth to voters. They were once he party that actually despised dictators rather than praised them. They were once the party that once cared about voting in a way that represented morality and conscience, rather than threatening violence toward anyone who does not support the President, whichever party he represented. They were once a party that respected the likes of John McCain, a decorated war hero.

To address your stated principles of the Republican Party under Trump:- low taxes (mostly for wealthy people), free market economy (as long as wealthy people get most of the benefits), US Constitutional rule of law (except when applied to the President), strong military defense (except when military heroes disagree with POTUS), freedom of speech in public gatherings & press (except when the press is critical of POTUS), saving our babies lives from conception (but permitting babies to be torn from their mothers and die in custody when the unfortunate baby is not American), Judeo-Christian family values (which POTUS DOES NOT and has never represented), work off welfare (remember Democrat Clinton’s controversial plan?), reduce job killing unnecessary restriction on businesses (that make air less safe to breather, water less safe to drink, and workplaces less safe to be in) and freedom of religion (which seems to mean Republican freedom to discriminate against anyone who does not practice their religion).

These are the reasons never-Trumpers exist. These are the reasons impeachment happened, despite Democrats reluctance to even start down that road. To call Mitt Romney “a far left zealot” is beyond absurd. To say that Trump did not intend to pressure Zelensky to investigate the Biden family is utter fantasy… even the Dictator-in-Chief’s own defenders admitted that was his intention. To say that this is not unethical truly demonstrates how far the Republican Party has strayed from the principles it once claimed to hold.

If President Obama had done even a fraction of what the Dictator-in Chief has admitted to doing, Republicans in their current form would be screaming for his head. In July 2014, polls indicated that 57% of Republicans supported Obama’s impeachment for such imagined or falsely-claimed offenses as: Obama was born outside the United States (proven false); he allowed people to use bathrooms based on their gender identity (impeachable, REALLY?); the 2012 Benghazi attack (exhaustively investigated), and; Obama's enforcement of immigration laws (disagreement over policy).

I remember principled Republicans like Mark Hatfield, Lincoln Chafee, Christine Todd Whitman, John McCain, Colin Powell, and Lowell Weicker, with whom one could disagree with without being disagreeable. Donald, I’m sorry your memory has failed you… mine has not.

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