The Senate Democrats say that they are standing up for the Constitution and the Republicans say that the Democrats only hate President Donald Trump and have wanted to impeach him from the start.

I say: Who cares? This is not the issue. The real issue is: Did the president commit impeachable offenses or not?

Polls show that the majority of Americans want the Senate to subpoena documents and call witnesses.

We are grownups. We can handle the truth. We are tired of being told what to think. We have the right to see all of the evidence so that we can make up our own minds.

Steve Benkosky


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I totally agree with you!


While your argument sounds appropriate, who will stand up and ask when President Trump will get the same rights of every other citizen?

We are all supposed to be considered innocent until proven otherwise, and are not required to prove our innocence in the face of heresay "evidence". The President was treated to an "Impeachment Inquiry" not authorized by the House of Representatives, in which he was given absolutely no rights of the accused in a court of law, nor ability to even access complete records. In short, it was an Inquisition. Yes, an inquisition-style hit job.

And now that the House, who should have openly and fairly followed legal precedent, has created a case which is an abortion of justice and deficient in every way, should the Senate or the People be forced to do the job that they refused to do?

I didn't say that I am a fan of President Trump, but I am in favor of Justice and do not see any Justice in what the House and their Representatives have produced. They have wasted our time and money in the millions, and have also avoided doing many useful things for the citizens of America.

It is time to let Mr Trump have some rights, and in a voice unpolluted by the partisan distortions of the news agencies.

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