Obviously, some business entity is making money by causing hundreds of thousands of people to change their clocks twice a year which is a small, but unnecessary, inconvenience and a very small consideration compared to disrupting every individual’s circadian rhythm which nature provided for a reason and which actually has an effect on a part of the human brain.

DST was started during World War II when it gave people who worked at a regular job more daylight time after their regular work to do such worthwhile things as tend to what was called a “victory garden” or some other activity that helped the war effort.

WWII has been over for 73 years now and obviously someone is in some way persuading the politicians to keep DST for the purpose of making money one way or another. There is no other explanation.

Every citizen who is opposed to this ridiculous, stupid exercise should contact their representative and let their objection to DST be known! It is within each state’s legislatures’ power to abolish DST. Showing good judgment, Arizona and Hawaii and Puerto Rico and U.S. territories in the Caribbean and Pacific do not observe DST.

Baird Buchanan


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