Considering the letter, “About those ‘Don’t Hate-Love God’ signs” (Aug. 7): I have to remember to be a nice person, as I was raised and baptized in faith and Belief of Jesus Christ. I am thankful I had wonderful loving parents who taught me to love and abide by God’s commandments

I said a prayer before writing this.

I wish to represent my faith community of the High Country and this world and my friends and family to the best of my ability with the wisdom God has given me.

I thank you Lord that I live with no prejudice. I try to leave all judgment of others behind me.

I do not understand how a letter can express narrow-minded views of homosexuality and marriage to those that did not ask for them

I will not accept a view of criticism and hate by a visitor to Watauga County or anyone else for that matter.

I will not sit silently and not try to make this world a better place. The above words are ones I wish to live by.

I wish the letter writer reconsiders the opinion expressed and stays in Blowing Rock among all of us to experience love of thy neighbor. I pray the Holy Spirit sheds glorious light upon such an opinion.

I now leave all judgement of you behind me and I will pray for such viewpoints. I want to live in peace.

This is my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Jackie Bridges


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Terry Gentry

I agree with all the sign says. What would be interesting is a survey of the people who put them answering if they love Donald Trump. He is their neighbor after all. Or, is it possible they might actually hate Donald Trump. At that point the sign could be considered political....couldn't it?

Thank you Jackie and Terry. Jackie (neighbor), great letter. Terry, even though I don't think Trump's name has been mentioned in any of the letters, to many of us, it's obvious that he has hit a raw nerve with his rhetoric. I don't know if he's a Christian (and I don't presume to judge him), but I don't think I've ever heard anything of a kind or Christian nature from the man. But, as Christians, we are called to love ALL. Even Donald Trump. I don't hate him...I just think he is a very sick and disturbed man.

Terry Gentry

Unless you 100% know for a fact that he is "sick and disturbed" would be judging him in a hateful manner. How would you like to be called that? You may have more hate than you credit yourself for. Just sayin'

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