“He gets things done,” a friend recently said to me about the president of the United States. He does, indeed, get things done.

He has done a lot about climate change. He has pulled us out of the Paris accord and has ordered that emissions standards be lowered for automobiles and for other industries which pollute our air and water. This, in the long run, will make things worse for America and the entire world.

He has pulled us out of a nuclear agreement with Iran which has made the world les safe for all of us. But why not? The president has said that he likes the devastating effects of nuclear weapons.

He has set a low standard for ethics and financial accountability and a number of his senior officials have followed suit. Just to name a few abuses: the abuse of expenses allocated for air travel; the lavish expenditure of funds on sound-proof booths and dining room sets; and the extravagant expenditure of funds on “working vacations.”

He has brought into his administration a number of people who are as morally bankrupt and as incompetent as he is. A former national security adviser was forced out for lying to the vice president. Our present attorney general misrepresented his Russia connections to Congress and had to recuse himself from a highly significant investigation into possible Russian tampering with our 2016 elections. The president’s former lawyer and campaign adviser is now on trial for corrupt business dealings on a number of fronts, including bank fraud and foreign lobbying violations. The president has instituted tariffs which have had an overall negative effect on our economy and the world economy. He has had to take some $12 billion from a special government fund (no doubt taxpayer money) to soften the blow on farmers who don’t want government handouts.

The president has pushed tax cuts through Congress which appear to benefit primarily large corporations and those who are extremely wealthy in our society.

The president, indeed, gets things done.

Herbert Hash Jr.


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While I can blow huge holes in the original letter AND Donald’s rebuttal. I’m not going to beat the dead horse. It’s not going to sway one person to change sides. The one FACT, that not one person can change, is Donald Trump, sooner or later, will not be President. Then our great divide will slowly come together.


Yes, instead of a future maximum GDP growth of 1% as predicted by Pres. Obama, our GDP growth is now over 3% and growing! Employment of American citizens and LEGAL immigrants is the lowest in at least 40 years and people of color have record employment numbers! He has relaxed environmental regulations instituted by the human global warming scammers so new businesses can be born and small and large businesses can invest in production and employee growth! Tax cuts for corporations and relaxing unnecessary regulations is resulting in new hires and wage growth of over 3%! A promise and delivery of business sales and profit growth has resulted in the stock market growth early in Trump's first term! Cancelling and renegotiated past unfair tariffs is and will continue growing manufacturing jobs for American and LEGAL immigrants! Our 401K and IRA investments have and are growing! Our enemies are fearing us again and the world is safer as a result! Our Allies still need us and are no longer taking advantage of the American worker and taxpayers! I don't always like Trump's rhetoric but love the results -- and by the way, the only proven collusion between an American politial campaign and Russia was the Clinton campaign's payment for the phony Steele Dossier, Uranium One deal where Hillary's State Department gave Russia 20% of our uranium for their $150 Million "contribution" to the Clinton foundation and Obama's promise of flexibility for Vladimir after his re-election! Yes, Trump made some appointment mistakes but fixed them instead of hiding them! Please keep hating Trump as the legal American voters are tired of your lies and fake PC assertions!

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