I was deeply distressed to read the letter which expressed being offended by the ”Don’t Hate-Love God” signs (Aug. 7).

I see absolutely nothing political about being reminded that there is a loving God who cares for us and expects us to do the same for our neighbors. Following a terrible tragedy in the High Country (as is often the case when a calamity occurs), our area clergy gathered together to both support each other and to, in some way, try to spread this love and support to other High Country neighbors.

“The worries back home” the letter refers to are, unfortunately, worries that you can’t just shed when you go away from your native land. Having lived in Chicago where, believe me, “political banter” is ever present, the High Country is a welcome relief from that environment.

However, these days no one is immune to the growing hatred in our neighborhoods. “Say No to Hate, Say Yes to Love, Love God, Love Your Neighbor” is a welcome respite. To me, they are not “code words.” Neither do I see them as someone’s “agenda.” Nowhere on that sign is there even a hint of “weaponizing” God.

I find it difficult to see how anyone can look at the words on that sign and see “force-fed indoctrination.” My church has a few signs in its yard and we, personally, have one in our front yard. We’re way out in the boonies, but have seen several in our area. The signs are totally appropriate, in my opinion, and I like to think I’m not in the minority.

Cinda Williamson

Banner Elk

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Terry Gentry

Good sign, good words. I just hope the people distributing the signs are not being hypocritical in their possible hate for another neighbor. Like say our President?

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