I am a 65-year-old receiving my earned Social Security benefits. I am also a 24/7/365 caregiver for my wife who is an 18 year brain cancer survivor. My personal benefit is lower than most because of my inability to work and care for my wife at the same time.

I received a notice, a few days before Christmas, informing me that my benefit check was going to be reduced. I did some research and discovered that an additional premium had been added to our Medicare.

Many other beneficiaries may not notice the increase as the 1.6% cost of living adjustment (COLA) usually covers the Medicare raise. Only those receiving the least benefit will be seeing a smaller check. Whether your check is smaller or not, it could and should be larger due to the Medicare increase- after all we have paid into Medicare our entire lives with the expectation it would be there when we aged.

It amazes me that as the Trump administration continues to reward multi-millionaires with every tax break imaginable they have no problem taking cash from the elderly and the infirm.

Jeffrey Block

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craig dudley

won't be any break for the elderly. under acting president reagan social security was reduced so 'our' government could continue to spend money it doesn't have. social security money was spent as it came in starting with lbj using it to invade vietnam. 'our' wars are demonstratively more important to those in charge than any inconsequential citizens. it continues to this day as we go into unimaginable debt spending money we borrow at interest so we can continue to attempt to rule the world as we ignore those in our country, and the support systems for americans.

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