I’m not sure that this widening project of US Hwy 421 is prudent at this time.

I own a home along this stretch within 150 feet of the current three-lane expansion. While the traffic has increased since 1963, it is not untenable.

To my observation, only two new businesses have evolved in the last 55 years (gas station and Dollar General). Many historic homes and natural waterways would be impacted by this expansion.

I’m just not convinced that slight delays at 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. during week days warrants such a radical move. I recommend a re-evaluation of this project.

Daniel Williams


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Sorry, cannot agree with you -- The ride through Vilas has a lot of automobile accidents, and near accidents, due to no left and right turn lanes with the present 2 lane highway. An additional lane and L & R turn lanes will make a safer ride through this area. My only complaint has to do with having local workers hired to build our infrastructural needs. Too many of the major construction projects have workers hired from outside of our local community. The 321 project had zero workers from our county and surrounding counties that I could see, and that includes the large buildings constructed for the Deerfield Rd and State Farm Rd. as well as the huge apartment building on Blowing Rock Rd near McDonalds. All the workers were from outside our area and probably from the contractors headquarters. Whomever gets the 421 through Vilas contract, I hope local people will be hired and used or at least advertised for our workers first.

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